How Seo Works

What Are the Top SEO Rules You Have to Keep Track of?

Understanding the most important SEO rules is an essential part of your success through internet marketing, however, with search engine optimization being more complicated today than ever before, using the right search engine promotion rules and guidelines to avoid being penalized and get to the top of SERPs is an extremely important part of achieving the desired result.

We Prepared a Selection with All the Most Important Rules in SEO

Here are the most important rules known by every search engine optimization hero: SEO requirements for your own website (on-page optimization) include meta, title and h1 tag optimization, keyword research and implementation, writing quality, unique content, embedding correct outbound and internal links and optimizing images and design elements.

SEO rules
Google guidelines for SEO

For off-page optimization, you have to focus mainly on building inbound links through methods such as forum posting, blog commenting, guest posting and directory submission.

The Basics of On-Page SEO

You can get a lot done with on-page optimization. Not only do search engines take your tags, images and links very seriously, but people might stay on your page longer if it’s neat, well-written, helpful and fast.

So here are our top tips for on-page optimizing:

  1. Avoid any elements that would slow down your site – such as flash, large images or bulky videos and audios playing at once on the homepage.
  2. Try to cover a specific topic or niche through your content. Also, aim to solve problems and make your web pages and blog posts as easy to read, long and well-structured as possible.
  3. Add keywords to all your posts. A single main keyword added a few times throughout your page and several LSI keywords sprinkled throughout the text will suffice.
  4. Make sure you get all your tags right. All pages you want to rank high in Google will need a properly optimized, keyword-enhanced title tag, meta description tag and h1 tag (only one!).
  5. Add keyword-optimized outbound links to authority websites.

Promote Your Site Through Backlinks

Backlinks, or inbound links, are links pointing back to your site from other websites. The number and quality of one-way backlinks is a key criteria used by Google and other search engines to rank your website.

To get backlinks, you can either provide benefits – such as guest posting – to other bloggers and site owners in exchange for a link to your site, or use established channels like forums online directories and blog commenting. If you offer relevant and helpful information through your comments and forum posts, they will remain on the forum or blog longer, gain exposure and increase your online ranking.

What Are the Best SEO Strategies for Beginners?

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